lunedì 10 dicembre 2012

#leaveamessage, spread the love!

Ok guys, that's a game, a game that will make us all smile. :)

Are you ready to spread love and good vibes around your city? Let's go!

WHAT is #leaveamessage?
Write notes with positive and encouraging thoughts, inviting us to rediscover little pleasures of life and/or encouraging us chasing happiness, and leave them lying around the city, in places where they face a high risk of being found. Bus, pubs, school, gym, work, hospitals etc. Wherever your imagination inspire you, always respecting the places where you are.

Write an encouraging, positive sentence on a piece of paper or on the official #leaveamessage note (download from

Leave the note around the city, in places where it runs a high risk of being found. Some examples? The cabinet of the gym, under a wiper, under a school desk, behind the keyboard of a computer, between the sugar sachets in a pub, etc.

On December 14th, 2012.

We all need smiles and positive vibes!

And SHARE it at the end of the day!
If you find a #leaveamessage note around your city, share it!
If you are on Twitter, tweet the place where you left your note using the hashtag # leaveamessage and writing city and place. eg. (There is a message on a bus seat 202, # Rome. # Leaveamessage) 
If you've found a ticket and you reached this page, tweet the content of your message (eg 'Bring a flower to your mother without reason'. The Front Door,  #Galway # leaveamessage)
If you are on Instagram, take a pict of your ticket and tag it # leaveamessage
If you are on Facebook state your membership # leaveamessage and link this page (

And don't forget to invite your friends!

Many many many thanks to:

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